The Valenblade

Valenblade Cvr Front 20170915_240x383My EPIC fantasy novel “THE VALENBLADE” is out in paperback and as an e-book!! Click here to order your copy!


The animals have been disappearing. There’s nothing left to hunt, nothing left to eat. Goblin tracks litter the snowy woods.

Brian lives alone in a cave, as befits his ornery species. He stands eight feet tall, weighs 500 lbs., and is protected by his own furry hide, but this winter he is cold and hungry, which makes him even grumpier than usual. His only friend is a little girl he just met. Annie has been lost in the woods, surviving by her wits, ever since she can remember. But how long has that been? Her deepest secrets are unknown even to her.

In a sudden move, the goblins and their Dark Magic-wielding lord sweep Brian and Annie into a conflict whose roots go back centuries.

A daring rescue turns into a desperate escape, setting the two new friends on a journey of danger, hope, sacrifice, self-discovery and transformation that spans continents. At every turn, they encounter deeper secrets, new allies, and even deadlier enemies.

In the end, the fate of the world lies in the ability of the Good to wield gifts they scarcely understand against an unspeakable Evil.

THE VALENBLADE will appeal to readers who love epic adventures, magical mysteries, swords and sorcery, and fantastic creatures.


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