“Beckoning” – Pen & Ink

“Beckoning” – Pen & Ink


“Beckoning” – Arches N.P., UT – Pen and ink – 11.25×8.25″/285×205 mm

“Beckoning” – Arches N.P. – Utah
– Pen & Ink on watercolor paper – 11.25×8.25″/285×205 mm
(Available for sale; PM me for details!)

The trail is long, rocky and dusty. The sun is hot. We have traveled for miles already. Still, the juniper beckons. We follow.

Deep Woods, Deep Winter

Deep Woods, Deep Winter

DeepWinterHovel_InnerVision_PI_230x168mm“Deep Woods, Deep Winter” – Inner Vision
– Pen & Ink – 23×16.8 cm

Another season. The long wait begins.

Drawing Geek Notes: I wanted to try snow with pen and ink, without doing too much prep. It worked! I used the Hi-Tec 0.3 and 0.4 mm technical pens, finally running out of ink in the 0.3. I was prepared, though: I had another one handy. Again, I did the majority of the work with the 0.3, but the depth really started happening with the 0.4 mm pen. I went over certain spots and finalized some details with the 0.3 at the end. Pretty fun to do!