Inktense: Plein Air

One of the things I love about my DIY plein air kit with Derwent Inktense ink blocks is that it gives me the ability to paint something even when time is super-limited! Setup takes less than 30 seconds, and I need only about 45 seconds to pack it all away. As long as I can still sprint to the bus, I’m good to go.

All of these paintings were done onsite. Some got a few touch-ups after the fact. (Hey, the bus was leaving; what can I say?)

UPDATE: Thanks so much to everyone who made a purchase during the “Help Mark Move the Studio” Sale! The sale is now over. This was a huge help, and a wonderful way to connect with so many of you. Thank you!

The sale prices have now expired. I’ll be repricing the site soon.

To order, send me an email at or send me a Facebook messagewith the title(s) you want!

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