Pen and Ink

Most recent drawing 1/2/2018:



When I was in my twenties, the engravings and etchings of Albrecht Dürer inspired me to really dig in to pen and ink work. I did dozens of small drawings, and a few epic pieces that were 24×18″ or larger. Hours and hours were spent scratching away, making fine lines. Many other hours were spent unclogging and cleaning the expensive tips of the technical drafting pens, only to bid them good bye when they were no longer “resurrectable.”

These days, I use Japanese Hi-Tec drafting pens which are readily available in Taiwan for around $2 each (USD). Amazon sells them in the U.S. Drawing over an Inktense painting tends to clog the Hi-Tec pens, and the Derwent Inktense ink can dissolve the (black) Hi-Tec gel ink underneath. However, if I allow the line work to dry completely first, and then apply the Inktense without soaking the paper, I can avoid dissolving the gel ink. Either way, as a pure pen and ink medium, the Hi-Tec pens rock! Here are some examples of my work. Click on any image to browse the gallery.