Around 2011, I started thinking about this concept. I wrote a bit and created some illustrations, all of them entirely from my own imagination. As I continued to play with the ideas over the ensuing years, I made hundreds and hundreds of sketches, studies, and final drawings. So what is it all about? To me, it’s become more of an ongoing visual poem, open to interpretation. I’m still drawing, and I will publish the work in book form at some point. The working title is “Treasures.”

I often wonder, what does that mean–to me, to the viewer? “Treasures…”

Most of these drawings have never been seen in public. I’m showing the entire collection of finished work (to this point!) here for the first time.

UPDATE: Thanks so much to everyone who made a purchase during the “Help Mark Move the Studio” Sale! The sale is now over. This was a huge help, and a wonderful way to connect with so many of you. Thank you!

The sale prices have now expired. I’ll be repricing the site soon.