Inner Visions

I love imagining things. The inner world is rich. I’m working to capture a glimpse of it and get it out where others can see it.

NOTE: The INNER VISIONS are also part of the “Help Mark Move His Studio” sale! Prices are deeply discounted and all include shipping (all in US Dollars).

For Graphite, Duotone, and Pen & Ink:
Max Dimension (width or height)
9″ or less = $70
9.1″ to 12″ = $90
12.1″ to 15″ = $110
15.1″ to 19″ = $150
19.1″ to 25″ = $200

Acrylic and Colored Pencil – Contact me via Facebook Messenger or email for details!

Latest image 12/09/2017:


“Deep Woods, Deep Winter” – Inner Vision – Pen & Ink – 9×6.6″/23×16.8 cm

Click on any image, below, to browse the gallery.

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