“Ordinary Afternoon”

“Ordinary Afternoon” – Soft pastel on MingART, 9×12 cm

Where some songs come from, I don’t know. “Ordinary Afternoon” came to me from some unknown place when I was in my mid-twenties. It almost wrote itself. Back then, I had two cassette players and I did my best to sing the parts, bouncing tracks from one machine to the other. That low quality recording was all I had of it for years.

Fast forward to 2003. My wife had encouraged me to buy a 16-track digital recording station and I was finally able to do real multi-track recording. One week, while she was on a business trip, I spent several evenings laying down the guitar, the bass and each vocal.

I’m so focused when I do music; I don’t notice the passage of time. It was after midnight when I finally made the last tweaks to the levels and EQ and mixed it down. I remember listening to the final recording in full stereo on my headphones.

Somehow, after the last chord finished, I found myself in the darkened kitchen, headphones off, leaning on the counter with tears of gratitude streaming down my face. For the first time, the sounds of this song that had rung in my head over all these years were actually out there. I’d just heard them with my own ears.

Today, I decided to paint something reminiscent of the image that, for me, has accompanied this piece whenever I hear it. I hope you enjoy the music, the words, and the painting.

Who knows where these things come from…

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