A Dozen Pastels From One Trip

As I write this, it’s been 19 days since we got back from China. In the 8 days we were there, I took almost 3,000 photos. No wonder: the places we hiked in Chongqing and Hubei were classic Chinese landscape. I was so inspired that I couldn’t wait to start painting. I set an arbitrary goal of “10-12 paintings” from this trip. I just finished the twelfth painting this afternoon. What a journey, both on foot, and artistically! I feel so grateful to have spent time in such places, and great joy at being able to bring that experience to the artwork! It’s been quite an adventure, on both counts!

Below is a quick collage of the dozen paintings (not to scale). You can see these as individual paintings in the gallery on the Landscape>Pastel page here.

A Dozen Pastel Paintings From our 8-Day Trip to China - May, 2018

A dozen  pastel paintings done in 19 days, after our trip to China in May, 2018.

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