“October Tree” Improvisation

“October Tree” Improvisation

I have been asked about videos of my drawings in progress. Here’s a quick one (1:15) of me improvising with pen and ink on paper for #Inktober 2017. (Music by the artist.)

Inner Vision: “Emerging”

Inner Vision: “Emerging”


“Emerging” – Inner Vision – Acrylic on Canvas – 13×17.9″/33×45.5 cm

“Emerging” – Acrylic on Canvas – 13×17.9″/33×45.5 cm

The path to this sacred place is long and difficult.
Many times have I come to stand on this shore
waiting, hoping for a glimpse.
Each time, I have had to leave before the darkness falls.
Time and again, I have returned.
You knew I would.
Once more the arduous journey is taken.
Patience, persistence, openness, constancy, trust.
You emerge.
I see you.

Inktober 2017

Hey, for those of you following #Inktober 2017, I’m adding my images to their respective pages here on the Mark Ivan Cole blog. As usual, the latest images are on top. You can also follow me on Facebook, where I’m posting daily all through Inktober!

I’ve added the #Inktober hashtag to a board on Pinterest, as well, so you can find my stuff there.

This has been an interesting challenge! I’ve not done pen and ink with such intensity for a long, long time, and it’s been fun to get back into it. I’m taking the opportunity to both reacquaint myself with some old techniques and stretch out and take some risks. Not everything has been an unqualified success–at least from the perspective of “what I intended to do!” That’s what risks are about, eh?

For an intro to what Inktober is all about, here’s Jake Parker on what got it started and what it is.

Try it! Show us how it goes!


“Some Guy” – Pen and Ink #Inktober 2017