Who Are “The Watchers?”

I tend not to do things in series. This is a notable exception. Seemingly out of nowhere, I got this idea of “The Watchers,” though I did not articulate it as such until I’d done three or four of these duotones (graphite and white charcoal on colored paper). The drawings came easily, one after the other, over a period of a week or so. Interestingly, once I had completed the fifth one, the concept felt “done” and I stopped work on a sixth drawing after barely scratching in a basic outline. Some things just run their cycle, I suppose. Maybe it will start again later; who knows?

Who or what are the Watchers? They appear to be ancient ruins. Most of them seem to be situated by a path, generally hidden, but in plain sight when approached from a certain direction. They seem to have become partially buried, perhaps exposed again over time. Some might ask why the Watchers’ eyes are not open. I suspect that the best answer is your own, so it’s up to you.

Who are the Watchers? Look within.