New Site, Way More Artwork!

Hi, all!–

The old “” site was not working. Over the years, I’d tried all kinds of things. It’s been fancier, simpler, denser, more feature rich, gaudy, simpler again, organized, disorganized, confusing, benign, benighted, bedeviled…befuddled…boring…and, finally, broken.

Still wanting to share the artwork, I posted a lot of pictures on my Mark Ivan Cole – Artist page on Facebook, but not everyone wants to go there.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution…WordPress! (What a relief!)

Will there be only artwork up here? Probably not. I tend to create stuff–all KINDS of stuff–so who knows what else will end up here.

For now, I’m in the process of putting up all of the artwork here, in one form or another. In the meantime, you can still go to (gasp!) Facebook for the most current art. Search for “Mark Ivan Cole – Artist” or click on the FB link in the sidebar on the right.

For those interested in fantasy art, you can find a sampling of my work at When I joined Elfwood back in the mid-1990s, there were four galleries and I was artist #20. Now there are over a thousand galleries and almost 40,000 artists. Mind boggling.

I find it interesting to see what other artists were doing when they were in their early days, just trying things, so I’ll also post some archival stuff, as it seems appropriate.

For more about what’s going on in my head (or my wife, Ping’s head!), check out our blog: You really never know what you’ll find there. (Neither do we.)

Thanks for stopping by! –Mark

2 thoughts on “New Site, Way More Artwork!

  1. Mark- thinking of you! We are listening to Shadowfax & William Ackerman and remembering our fun times with you. A BIG hug across the miles to our old (not literally but said with fondness) friend. God bless – Nancy :0)


    • Hi, Bill and Nancy! Wow, how cool to hear from you! Thanks for finding me on the Web and leaving a note. I was away from computers for awhile when this comment was made, so I could not respond immediately. Big hugs back to both of you! Email on its way soon. 🙂 –Mark


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